School Visits


We are delighted to announce that the Hall has a Sandford Award for Heritage Education, a fitting accolade to the dedication, hard work and professionalism of the volunteers who present the Educational Activities at the Hall.

Schools are shown around the Hall in class-sized groups by experienced guides who are mostly ex-teachers; the tours last for about an hour and a quarter / half.

If schools are taking part in one of the  Tudor Activity Days, during the afternoon they experience life in a Tudor House both ‘below’ stairs in the Kitchen and on the estate and ‘above’ stairs in the Great Chamber with appropriate costumes for each activity.

Key Stages One and Three pupils will have specially adapted tours of the Hall, see details on the pages linked to the specific Key stages below.

Some indoor accommodation is available for picnic lunches, should the weather be poor.

A new DVD suitable primarily for Key Stage 3, but also for older Key Stage 2 pupils, is now available entitled ‘The Manhunters’ . It is 68 minutes long, made by Harvington Hall re-enactors and volunteers, telling the story of the search for priests in a house similar to Harvington. The story starts with a courier meeting a newly arrived priest at the coast, an interview with Queen Elizabeth I, searches and interrogations at the house. There are accompanying teachers notes, the pack is available from the Hall (01562 777846) and costs £7.50.


See the links below for more information on our schools activity programme.

  Key stage 1: Homes and Toys, including timetables

  Key stage 2: The Tudors, including timetable

  Key Stage 3: Nicholas Owen

Essential Information for Schools



Left: ‘Below Stairs’ school activity session in the Great Kitchen