Key Stage 3


Harvington Hall provides an ideal visit for pupils to explore the life and times of Nicholas Owen and the topic of the persecuted church. It is an excellent venue to enhance any topic on Tudors as well as an ideal venue to explore local history.

Below you will find  information about Key stage 3 visits to the Hall, and about significant people connected with the Hall; you might also like to look at the comprehensive Resource Pack in the Key Stage 2 section.

More About Key Stage 3

A new DVD is available entitled ‘The Manhunters’ , it is 68 minutes long, made by Harvington Hall re-enactors and volunteers, telling the story of the search for priests in a house similar to Harvington.The story starts with a courier meeting a newly arrived priest at the coast, an interview with Queen Elizabeth I, searches and interrogations at the house. There are accompanying teachers notes, the pack is available from the Hall (01562 777846) and costs £7.50.

People Connected With The Hall